Stories about people

fluffy dinosaurWhat moves you? I mean, really fills you up to bursting, where your chest feels like the yummiest cake ever, all warm and delicious? For me, it’s all about creating, chewing on ideas, brewing plans and, best of all, growing words into pictures.  As for what the words are about, people are it: people who also chew on, brew up and grow their dreams into flourishing yet hardy creations.

Having interviewed hundreds of people, the one thing that strikes me about those who have drawn me into their worlds most fiercely is what I call, ‘orange’ thinking. Fruitful, to pull in a pun (and I admit, I’m anyone’s when it comes to the most rudimentary of puns), explorers of all sorts of wild ideas. But this particular way of looking at the world sits simply, infinitely, outside the square. Any square. Anything even resembling a quadrilateral. My notion for such thinking stems from my favourite poem, by Frank O’Hara, discovered as a 17 year old in a school Lit text. I didn’t know why I loved it at the time, but as I grow older and ever so slightly, maybe, wiser, I see in it each morsel of my own desire to see the world from a unique, new perspective. Every day. From every ‘orange’ point of view.

Why I am not a painter

Over many years, I’ve come to realise that every fascinating person I’ve interviewed is someone I hope to walk away carrying a little piece of. To me, if they’re making a dent in the universe by peering in from beyond the square’s boundaries maybe, so too, might I.

Enjoy the stories. Who knows who you’ll become…